Origin:  China

Type: Artificial Stone

Color: white

Standard thickness:  18 mm.

Stone surface:  polished face

Size:  Slab Cut To Size

Stone Characteristics:  Pure white artificial stone with no pattern.


  • cheap price
  • used instead of white marble

Recommendations for use:

  • Suitable for both internal installation
  • wall coverings, pillars, floor coverings 
  • counter
  • should be well waterproofed

Artificial stone AS-200 Artificial stone imported from abroad. pure white artificial stone Made from a mix of marble powder and resin. can be used instead of marble at a cheaper price properties similar to marble Should be used inside and apply waterproofing solution. because the stone has a chance to turn yellow easily If making a counter top or dining table Be careful about acidic food – alkaline. because the stone is prone to erosion Not very resistant to scratches